Terms and Conditions

  • 1. General aspects

    1.1. The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is to describe the conditions of access and use of the website www.superdecorstore.com (hereinafter: "Site") by individuals who access the Site for non-professional purposes ("Users" ), as well as explain the contractual conditions applicable to the purchase of products at a distance through the Site, from the time of ordering to the various services provided by SUPERDECOR, including payment methods and the conditions of delivery services for the ordered products. When browsing the Site or making an online purchase through it, Users declare that they are over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts and make payments.

    1.2. The website www.superdecorstore.com belongs to SUPERDECOR, a brand owned by MA SALGUEIRO, SA, with its registered office at Rua de Camões, Nº 215, R/C 4000-145 Porto, with the telephone +351 227 335 200 and the e-mail address geral@masalgueiro.pt, as legal person n° 500 177 201, registered at the Lisbon commercial registry under the same number, with share capital of €4,000,000.

  • 2. Applicable law

    2.1. These general conditions and all emerging disputes that are related to these general conditions, including their validity, use of the Site or any purchase on the same, shall be governed by Portuguese law.

    2.2. All the rules and procedures contained in this document do not contravene, by any means or form, the legislation in force, and their purpose is to frame the rights and duties of the User's relationship as a visitor with the Superdecor Online Store. Both browsing the Site and purchasing any product presuppose acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale described on this page.

  • 3. Product and Content Information

    3.1. Although Superdecor works its Site with great care, the information, texts, graphic documents, movies and/or other services may contain errors or be incomplete or incorrect, and they will be quickly corrected whenever they occur, and as soon as they occur. are detected.

    3.2. All information about prices, products, specifications, promotional actions and services may be changed at any time by Superdecor.

    3.3. All essential information and characteristics relating to products and/or services published on the Superdecor Website are published based on photographs illustrating the products and on technical descriptions from Superdecor's manufacturers and collaborating companies. This procedure is carried out within the technical limits and respecting the best market standards.

    3.4. The User should be aware that the color and tone of product photographs may vary depending on the monitor on which they are being viewed. Likewise, photographs may vary in tone and contrast due to the lighting conditions at the time they were taken.

    3.5. The User must also bear in mind that, due to the materials, fibers and manufacturing methods, there may be a maximum variation of 10cm in relation to the measures announced in the product details.

  • 4. Availability of Products

    4.1. All product orders are subject to stock availability. In the event of difficulties in the supply of products, or if stocks of a product run out, Superdecor will inform the customer immediately of the unavailability, and he may choose to cancel the order and request a refund of the amount paid, or to order another product equivalent, at the same price.

    4.2. The stock information provided on each item is updated regularly, but is merely indicative, so there may be some discrepancy between the information available online and the actual stock in each of the stores. All promotional campaigns have a limited stock and stock outages or changes in their prices can occur without prior notice.

    4.3. In case of unavailability of the product, Superdecor will inform the customer about replacement products of equivalent or superior quality.

  • 5. Prices

    5.1. The prices and promotions present on the Site are, in general, the same as the prices and promotions practiced in Superdecor physical stores. However, there may be exclusive online promotions that will only be in effect for periods of time properly identified on the product pages related to these.

    5.2. The sale prices published on the Website and in the Stores are presented in euros. These prices include all fees and taxes required by law. Except when expressly indicated, the sale prices of published products do not include delivery services, and the total cost of the order, before payment, will be informed with the delivery costs.

    5.3. Superdecor reserves the right to modify sales prices at any time. Such modification will be made under the terms of the legislation in force, being the price modifications only valid for the products ordered after the publication of the new prices.

    5.4. In the event that any of the items in an order placed have had a price reduction after the time of placing the order, the difference in price in relation to the initial price will not be refunded.

    5.5. The prices shown on the website are valid only for products in stock. If you want an orderable product, identified on the website as "Available by Order", this may be subject to a price change. This change may be made without prior notice or communicated directly to the customer in the availability alert email.

  • 6. Legal and Commercial Guarantees

    6.1. All products available in Superdecor Online Store are duly certified by the competent international entities.

    6.2 According to Portuguese Decree-Law No. 84/2021, a legal period of three (3) years is established for all products purchased from January 1, 2022. This period is considered from the date of delivery or collection of the item and can only be exercised upon presentation of proof of purchase (invoice). In the case of products intended for professional use, Superdecor establishes a warranty period of 1 year.

    6.3. All items with sale date until December 31, 2021, the previous warranty conditions apply, in accordance with Decree-Law Portuguese No. 67/2003 of April 8, and with the changes introduced by Portuguese Decree-Law No. 84/2008 of 21 May, establishing a guarantee period of 2 (two) years.

    6.4. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, non-compliance with the contract is not considered to exist if, at the time the contract is signed, the Client becomes aware of such non-compliance or cannot reasonably ignore it or if it arises from the misuse by the Customer.

    6.5. In case of non-compliance, you must inform us as soon as you become aware of it, through Customer Support at info@superdecor.pt and/or by starting a Return process via the 'Returns' tab in your Customer Account. After your contact, our services will evaluate the case and determine if there will be a replacement of the product, replacement of parts or another type of solution.

    6.6. If the product in question is under warranty, Superdecor will analyze the issue and propose a resolution at its own discretion, which may include replacement of the item, repair or other solution agreed with the customer.

    6.7. The costs associated with the return by distance collection/transportation of the goods due to the exercise of the legal guarantee of conformity of the products will bear on Superdecor.

    6.8. Normal deterioration in use is not considered a defect.

    6.9. For any question, complaint or request for information, you can contact the after-sales service at info@superdecorstore.com.

  • 7. User obligations

    7.1. The User undertakes to:

    7.1.1. Provide personal data and correct addresses;
    7.1.2. Do not use false identities;
    7.1.3. Respect the order limits imposed.

    7.2. If any of the data is incorrect or insufficient, and for this reason there is a delay or impossibility in processing the order, or eventual non-delivery, the User is responsible, and Superdecor declines any responsibility.

    7.3 It is the User's responsibility to verify that the items he has selected are intended for the intended use, make sure that they have the comfort conditions he expects, that they have the appropriate dimensions for the space in which he intends to place them.

    7.4. These Terms and Conditions are fully regulated by Portuguese law. The User undertakes to use this Site correctly in accordance with the law and will be liable to the owner of this Site, and to third parties, for any damages that may be caused by non-compliance with these obligations.

  • 8. Commercial Policy

    8.1. Superdecor has products for sale on the website www.superdecorstore.com, and e-commerce services are available exclusively to end users/consumers. These general terms and conditions of sale exclusively regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of orders placed on the Website between the consumers of the online store and Superdecor.

    8.2. Only persons with the necessary legal capacity to sign contracts relating to the type of goods and services offered on this Site can place orders on it.

    8.3. Superdecor reserves the right not to process orders received from users who are not “consumers” or those who do not comply with Superdecor's general sales conditions.

    8.4. The User must provide Superdecor with an e-mail address, or data relating to another form of contact, which are correct and complete, and accepts that Superdecor may contact him using this data, if deemed necessary.

    8.5. The consumer must not place any false or fraudulent orders. If the existence of a request of this nature is proven, we are entitled to cancel it and inform the relevant authorities.

  • 9. Suggestions and Complaints

    9.1. The Customer may send suggestions or complaints to the Customer Support Service, info@superdecorstore.com, or through the Electronic Complaints Book.

  • 10. Changing the Terms and Conditions

    10.1. Superdecor reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, without prior notice, any changes being published on the Site. The Client must regularly consult the Terms and Conditions to become aware of any changes.

    10.2 Date of last update: 20/01/2023


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