Sizes and Finishes Guide

Able to enrich any space with their patterns and colors, rugs are very important decorative elements in the decoration of any environment. Find out how to choose the right rug to match your space.

Whatever the room, with their colors, patterns and textures, rugs provide a distinct personality and, without a doubt, added comfort. Depending on where and how they are placed, they are able to create different sensations of space. Even though there are no rules on how to choose or correctly place a rug, there are certain patterns that can guide you in choosing the perfect size for any room..

Living room

If you want to create an illusion of a wider space, you should place the furniture on top of the rug.
We also recommend that you leave about 45 cm of space between the edges of the rug and the walls.
You can also opt for a round rug, ideal for highlighting an object such as a coffee table.

The opposite effect will be achieved by using a mat to separate or enhance an area within a room. The rug should be located in the center of the room, just under a few pieces of furniture and placed under only the front legs of the sofa.

In a smaller room, you should opt for a smaller rug with a striking pattern that should be placed in the center of the space without any furniture on top of it. This arrangement will help create the feeling of greater space.

Dining room

It is important that the mat chosen for this space is large enough so that chairs do not catch on the edge of the mat when they are dragged to sit. The minimum distance for this not to occur is 75 cm, so to obtain the indicated measurement for your table, you should add 150 cm to your table, both in length and in width.


A rug is a very important element to complement a room's decor. In order for it to stand out, it should be placed under the bed in a balanced way, and it should be large enough to stand out at least 45 cm along the entire perimeter, leaving an uncovered space to place the bedside tables.

You can also choose to use two smaller mats on each side of the bed and one on top.
You can choose different rugs and mix them in a fun way or coordinate them according to your decor.

You can also opt for a bespoke solution, which we call "U shape rug" to achieve a luxurious, modern and, at the same time, easy-to-clean look, as you won't have to put a rug under the bed.
Rugs can be produced in different patterns and colors within our range of Custom Rugs.
They are even suitable for people with allergies.
For more information about this service, contact us.


Rugs help transform hallways and entrance halls into aesthetic and functional spaces that enrich a home. As a general rule, they should have an inverse proportion to the length of the space, that is, if it is a long corridor, it is possible to visually shorten it with several rugs. If it is short, a single mat, narrower than the aisle, should be used to create a longer visual effect.

Open Spaces

In large rooms, such as living and dining rooms, different rugs can coexist harmoniously. One way to complement them is to seek a certain coherence between the designs, for example, through the pattern or color.

As we stated initially, there are no unbreakable laws when decorating a space. It is a creative process that is governed by personal tastes and imagination. The most important thing is that the decoration is functional and reflects the essence of those who inhabit the space.

If you can't find a perfect size for your decor, please remember that you can choose one Custom Rugusing the dozens of carpet collections available in our collection.
Find your next rug in our online store or enter in contact with us for expert advice!

Complete your Custom Rug choosing the perfect finish.

The finish of the rug, or simply the finishing of the edges of the rug, is an important feature in the final appearance of your rug. We offer several options and you can opt for more neutral, cheaper or premium finishes.

Finishes for Fur Carpets

Binding Tape – more economical finish where we have a huge variety of colors and we always use the color closest to the color of the carpet's fur.(1) The tape is sewn to the mat and is 1cm wide.

Just Tape – it is best suited for those looking for a finish that is as inconspicuous as possible, being practically invisible on rugs with the highest and densest pile. We have several shades of ribbon and we always select the one closest to the shade of the rug's fur.(1)(2)
You can combine this finish with the application of a upper lining, which gives it greater comfort and greater sound insulation. Don't forget that, with the lining, the rug is thicker by about 9mm.

Folding extremities + lining – premium finish, which gives more exclusivity to your rug. The ends are folded over and the rug is lined. There are no ribbons to finish the ends, it is the rug itself that folds and finishes.
Not suitable for rugs whose total height is greater than 15 mm, as the rug is too thick.
You can select a non-slip lining, ideal for small rugs or when under sliding floors such as ceramic or marble.

In & Out Carpet Finishes

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, we present Polyester or PVC tapes, which are more resistant to UV rays and more abrasive cleaning products.

Slim Tape – the simplest and most economical finish for your In & Out – available in various shades that we adjust to the color of the rug.(1)(2)

Poly Border – tape about 6cm, with texture similar to Starline. Available in 4 colors.(2)

Strong Border – tape about 6cm, available in 6 colors that match the colors of the rugs.(2)

Super Strong – 6 cm tape and padding on the inside, which gives the finish an extra dimension compared to the rug. Ideal for those who like to highlight the finish and we suggest its application on rugs with dimensions greater than 170x240cm.(2)

Other Solutions


If you want to cover your stairs, you can choose one of these solutions:

  1. Runner
  2. Rung by rung



A felt base that makes your rug soundproof and comfortable.
8mm thick and available in 2 colors.

Ultratex Non-slip

A felt base that, in addition to soundproofing and giving a feeling of comfort to your rug, makes it safer, being protected against accidental falls.
Recommended for smaller rugs and recommended whenever the rug is not found. under any furniture, sofa or similar.
3mm thick.


You can request the application of non-slip throughout the carpet or just on the edges, whenever the floor is slippery. Ideal for hallways or kitchens, as a guarantee that the rug does not slip.

Ako Silber

Ako KleberAko Extra
1 mm thickness1,5 mm thickness2,2 mm thickness

Recommended Finishes




Possible Finishes
Just TapePerlonLineSlim

Folding extremities

+ Lining

Folding extremities
+ Lining







Recommended Finishes - IN & Out Custom Rugs




Possible Finishes
Natural Bahia1/51/5
Natural Boucle1/51/5
Natural Chevron1/51/5
Natural Panama1/51/5

(1) The color of the ribbon and fur may have a slight difference in tone, as it varies between each production process and because the ribbons are produced in raw materials other than the fur of the carpet.
(2) Finishing Colors – you can choose to select a color for the finish in contrast to the pile of the rug. In this case, consult customer service.
(3) 1- No Shine / 2 - Practically No Shine / 3 - Little Shine / 4 - Slightly Shine / 5 - Very Shiny
(4) 1 - Flatweave / 2 - Low pile and low density / 3 - Medium and medium density pile / 4 - Slightly high pile and medium density / 5 - High pile and high density

Blankets add color and a distinctive touch to your decor.

Superdecor blankets, available in various sizes and patterns, can be used as blankets or as a decorative note.


130x170 cm

SIdeal for snuggling up or
cover the end of the bed.

150x200 cm

MWill cover a single bed or
to use as a footstool for a double bed.

200x220 cm

LEnough to cover a double bed.

220x260 cm

Enough to cover a King Size bed.

Consult our size guide and see which size of clothing matches your bed.

Beds and mattresses come in various sizes. When buying a bed linen item, you should keep in mind the measurements of your mattress.

Some larger sizes can also be ordered. Contact us and we will help you find the perfect bed linen for you.

MattressBed SetTop SheetAdjustable Sheet
BedspreadDuvetDuvet Cover
80up to
180 x 270 cm
- 90 x 200 cm up to
200 x 270 cm
- -
90 - - 140 x 200 cm
105 - 105 x 200 cm 220 x 180 cm -
140 240 x 270 cmup to
240 x 280 cm
120 x 200 cm 230 x 250 cm
240 x 270 cm
240 x 220 cm 240 x 240 cm
160240 x 300 cm 160 x 200 cm
180 260 x 300 cm 180 x 200 cmBy order
270 x 270 cm
260 x 240 cm 260 x 240 cm
200 - - 200 x 200 cmBy order
280 x 300 cm
- -


We ship to over 20 Countries.

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